What’s New: After Boston Debacle, Yanks Lose in Motown

Another day, another loss.

That’s how life is right now for the Yankees.  They just can’t seem to win a ballgame.

After we swept Oakland, I thought we’d be OK heading to Boston.  We got off to a nice start on Friday.  Joba kept us in the game, and we clawed our way to a 4-2 lead heading to the 9th.  We load the bases off Javier Lopez, who had terrible control.  We should get an insurance run or two.  We get NOTHING.  Cano bangs into a 4-2-3 DP with the drawn-in infield.  Cabrera gets out.  We get no runs.  With 2 out in the 9th, Youkilis is on second.  A 2 strike pitch to Bay by Mo is drilled to center.  It just gets over the wall.  Tie game.  Youk hits a bomb off Marte in the 11 to win it.  Big Tex had runners on 2 and 3 with 2 out in 10th against Paplebon.  Struck out.  The Yanks were 4-20 with RISP.  The pen is terrible.  It is overused and weak.  On Saturday, we blew a 6-0 lead and lost 16-11.  Burnett struggled, pen was horrific.  Sunday we blow 1-0 lead, lose 4-1.  We flat out can’t hit.  We can’t get anyone in from second or third.  We had the same problem last year.  I don’t see how we can survive with this pen.  Only Mo is good.  Marte is an absolute disaster this year so far.  Our starting pitching isn’t great either.  We only go 5 innings.  With our bullpen, 5 innings is way too short.  We need a complete bullpen overhaul, like the Mets last year.

We lost to the Tigers in Detroit today, 4-2.  CC did pretty good, 4 runs over 8 innings.  Once again, we don’t hit.  This game was as close as it looks.  We got our 2 runs in the 9th inning.  I don’t see how our offense is not producing.  I think Girardi has to realize that Gardner is not an amazing guy and put Melky in CF.  Melky is CLEARLY the better player.  I personally want Girardi axed now, he can’t handle the pressure in New York, and some players tune him out.  I can’t stand how he uses the pen and we might not make the playoffs beacuse of him.  Dave Eiland must go to.  Our pitching is awful, we need a guy who can get our pitching going.  4 straight losses is NOT GOOD.  Especially for a team with high expectations and a monstrous payroll like the Yankees.




  1. taleoftwoleagues

    Don’t worry too much about that loss to Detroit.
    I will say: Detroit is on FIRE right now, its hard to stop a team that hot (see also: Red Sox)
    Also, Nobody expected Verlander to pitch a gem. He’s been crap up until this start for this season. He had it in him, but nobody knew he was gonna let it out.


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