About shortporch

Hi! It’s Shortporch here. I am in the 10th
grade. I am a big sports fan. I like the Giants for football,
the Yankees for baseball and the Devils for hockey. I am also
a big Penn State football fan. My favorite Yankees player is
Alex Rodriguez (yes, even if he did take steroids). My
favorite game I attended was a Yankees-Red Sox game back in
September 2006 at the Stadium. The Yanks won, 7-5. My
favorite sports game of all time was the Giants upsetting the
Patriots, 17-14, in Super Bowl XLII! I used to play baseball,
I was a third baseman and outfielder. I was pretty good. Now,
I run track at high school, which I am better at. Therefore,
I cannot play baseball anymore. I still love attending games,
though! Hopefully, the Yanks win it all again in 2010! Go
Yankees 2009 World Champs!!


Football, baseball, hockey, basketball,
XBOX 360, watching sports